Stand up Pouch can be the Perfect Pack for the Freshness of Arabic Mix

Posted On: August 31, 2017

Packaging is important for dry fruits as you will have to retain the freshness of it all the time. The freshness of Arabic Mix is what matters and appeals to the mind and senses and to retain it stand up pouch is considered the best for any dry fruit packaging. These are also called Mylar bags and scientifically designed films are used for the manufacture of these packs. Layers of such films are laminated together and are also very durable and puncture resistant as well. It is the unique design of these packs that locks the freshness and flavor of the fruit protecting it from moisture, vapor, odor and even light.

New Jersey Nuts Packaging LLC

There are several options available in stand up bag Dry Fruit Packing. You can either let it stand up just like the name of the pouch suggests or even choose from the hang hole variety to hand them and create an eye catching display. The front and back panels are wide you can use custom imprints up to ten colors it to make it more attractive and even have a see-through window to allow buyers to have a look at the wonderful contents inside.

Maximum protection and convenience has always been the motto of New Jersey Nuts Packaging and that is what they have been successfully and consistently providing to customers in all types of food packaging including Trail Nut Mix Packaging. Not only their fruit are fresh and packed nicely but is also mixed innovatively to maintain the trail mix mentality. Visit their store taste some.